Portrait Face Cake

I’ve always dreamt of painting faces but due to the lack of materials, i never really got down to it. The closest i went was sketching them out using markers, pencil. Since I like baking so much, i thought why not made a face outta edible stuff. i knew the perfect person to present this artwork was my beloved Dad.


This portrait cake was made specially for my Dad’s Birthday.. Printing and editing the face was easy but everything else after wasn’t what I would consider “an easy feat”. First I had to carve out the areas I wanted to stand out against the white clean surface of the cake, secondly it was the trial stage. This trial stage took me 5 tries before I felt a little more confident to attempt it on the real cake.


Behold it was what it was. I’m glad the cocoa powder managed to stay where it was supposed to stay. Well it kinda looks like my dad ( in his younger days:) )


Cake: Maple Cake with maple swiss meringue and blueberry filling


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