Hae Bee Hiam Bread Rolls

There’s this bread craze that I’m suddenly in to. It all started with a cranberry bread and now every part of my body yells hot cross buns, custard buns, onion buns, mushroom buns, red bean buns, sesame buns, focaccia and whatever you name it! 

This crazy baker for sure can’t stay away from carbs.

I can’t recall where I got the idea of having hae bee hiam as one of the fillings for the buns but I know that the combination of spicy, little salty and fragrant with a soft fluffy roll will definitely send my tastebuds tingling for more.

Verdict- The hae bee hiam filling was a little too dry and salty ( These were store bought as I was lazy- Guess, it’s always best to make your own stuff from scratch. At least you can do minor adjustments, are healthier and you will have a better understanding of what goes in there- then you’ll probably think twice on consuming something again. HAHAHHA Just kidding ;)) 


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