As we march forth into the new year, there’s definitely better things to look forward to! 2012 has been an awesome year and I thank GOD for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me. Sherbakes has gone a pretty long way and all GLORY be to GOD!  

To my family and fellow friends who have been so supportive, I truly thank each and everyone of you! Be blessed this very New Year and I’m sure you are gonna eat your way through 2013 LIKE ME! 

And like my teachers used to say ” you need to set a goal for the new year”.. Well I have set mine on this very first day of the year. 18 dishes/desserts that have been at the back of my tastebuds are all ready to hit the kitchens.

I have tasted so many of my cakes this year that seeing pictures of them literally scares me. But behind every picture is a story told. The perspiration, panic, perfections, early hours, sleepless nights, cleaning  -but ultimately the final product is something I will never forget. 

To sum it all.. Baking is here to stay! Time to grab onto more books, brush on more knowledge, taste taste taste and jot it all down 🙂 

Once again, Sherbakes wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you find happiness in whatever you’re doing and let 2013 be a year of no regrets!!

Life is too short, Eat Desserts!! 


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