Christmas Jar Cakes

It’s exactly 7 more days to Christmas. I made a countdown calender in November simply because the Christmas Spirit everywhere, especially in the malls just keeps your adrenaline pumping and all excited for the season.

Soon December past, I grew older and now its 18 December!! Time seems to pass by so quickly that i

can so remember what happened last Christmas. Anyway there are only good things to look forward to (besides the overwhelming baking schedule) and I hope 2013 is a better year for everyone!!

To start a fresh new year, I had better clear some backlog so enjoy some of the pictures of past creations in the upcoming posts. I promise to bring out the dazzling Christmas treats to feast your eyes in a couple more days! Till then. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Here are some Christmas cake Jars rolling out ;))

1) Peanut butter dark chocolate cake with fresh banana slices

2) Brownie and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and oreo bits

3) Vanilla bean cake with white chocolate mousse and apple dices



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