Lord Of The Rings Lego Cake


Theme: Lord Of The Rings Lego Cake

This was a 15cm high castle Lord of the Rings Lego Cake. Any lower and it would have made my LOTR figurines look severely out of proportion to the castle.



I must say this is one of the more challenging cakes I’ve attempted. Firstly, measurement wise, it was a nightmare. Constructing a castle cake meant taking into account the height and width. Even worse, if they quoted you a maximum weight to work with. Secondly, I didn’t know there were so many characters in LOTR and with each its own personality and details. Thirdly, the lego characters were miniature, without a stable base, so making them stand was a major concern for me. Every moment from making the cake to delivery, I just prayed that the entire cake would stay in one piece.



Anyway the lego play set looks like this: ( Please tell me the cake resembles the lego abit hahaha!)



Let me end off by introducing the famous characters of the movie Lord of the rings- ( Pardon me if you already knew them by hard, I just wanted to be proud and tell somebody of my achievement to memorise them all)- Gollum, Aragorn, Gandalf, ore, Pippin…



Lastly, let me show you my all time fav character because he looks the nicest among all the figurines!



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