Angry Bird, It’s you again??

A post a day keeps procrastination away! Don’t blame me –> Blame the new ipad. Thanks to Apple, I am now able to enjoy playing my bakery story in full luxury and without the need to squint my eyes. 

And the latest Iphone5 news in the market have been keeping my google skills well in tune. Thanks to the apple consultant (doctor), I am now more technically spec savvy. Anyway, I am still undecided on whether to jump ship or remain a loyal customer. Maybe taking more pictures will aid in my decision this Friday 🙂 

Enough said, I bring to you the comeback of the angry birds that have been angrily occupying memory space in my camera. They refuse to fly because of the owner’s negligence. 

Baked with love as always: Cakes/ cupcakes with Angry Bird theme ( Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, White, Green, Black Birds) 


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