Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese

There goes another hectic weekend!! I was so busy, I didn’t even know tomorrow’s the start of a brand new week. Oh wait ( of course I know). How can I not know it’s Monday when I can feel the mood changing in a few hours.


Anyway today’s National Waffles Day!! After letting the sugar flood loose with a couple of my foodie mates, it’s about time to finally keep this website going with way backlog posts… I use to hate it hate it when my favourite blogger takes like forever to write a new post. It’s like ” comee on and rain already!”. You are forgiven. Being in someone’s shoes is the BEST way to understand the situation clear cut. Similar to writing a book, writing a blog post needs inspiration…. next you need to sift out the gazillion photos of every angle you took and then sort them out/ edit them- which can be a real pain in the S. Haha I get busted most of the time with posts that are only 2-3 sentences long. I apologize but those are the days, I was just pretty lazy 🙂


The next cake utilizes a very common but healthy ingredient found in everyday meals. It is bright orange in color and is jam-packed with vitamins, dietary fiber, antioxidant and minerals that are good for your skin and body. I will usually request for loads of these in my salads and when it comes to carrots in stew, I am the culprit who finishes most of them. 😉 No prizes for guessing what the next cake is!! Well, It is a simple carrot cake with swirls of 2 color tone cream cheese frosting.




Hey Ma! Look how pretty the yellow cupcakes are! Hmm Wait. I don’t really like yellow don’t I? Hahaa!




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