Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

Thanks to Mac Donald’s latest collection of Hello Kitty plushies, I have learnt to adore these kitty kats a little more, although sometimes I fail to understand how anyone can go so crazy over a cat with no mouth! Unacceptable!  The only saving grace is anything in relation to it is pink!


Anyway to cut the story
short, there can’t be a better time to express such love when an order for
Hello Kitty cupcakes suddenly sprung up. These cupcakes were just too girly

Hello Kitty themed with
mango cupcakes baked in pink polka dotted cupcake liners and topped with a pink
and lilac swirl of fresh cream cheese.

Hope the birthday girl
had a meow-licious bday! Oh wait Hello Kitty can’t talk.

Baked with Love: Mango Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


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