Fluffy Banana Cake

Baked With Love: A light and fluffy banana cake for your well deserved tea break. Enjoy over a cuppa tea. Xoxo

When I think of bananas, the first thing that comes to mind is a yummy banana split with plain vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. That was how I envisioned its role in a dish and never more. However, with people getting more knowledgeable about food, coupled with the rise in number of foodies around the world, chefs are pressurized to recreate dishes as far as their imaginations can bring them. 

It’s like one day you are in and the next you are out. A simple trade of this traditional banana split is the banana cake. Although entremets are things of the current, it’s always nice to welcome a simple homemade banana cake. The smell that fills the entire house is just out of this world and nothing can be more satisfying than peering through the oven door and seeing Millard reaction on the crust. 


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