A-Z Cookie (Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cookie)

When our daily drama is over, it’s time to let loose and whip up “anything but the kitchen sink” cookies which comprises of literally everything but the kitchen sink. Hahs. I’m not so much a cookie fan compared to cakes but I love making them as it feels the air with love~ It is also practically quite idiot proof. Only question is how can you make an out of this world cookie vs a sub-par one. Answer is simple: Taste, experiment, alter, feedback. You then multiply this equation until you arrive at a decent number and pray that the number is not as shocking as the figure on your tax slip.

Here’s the comeback of the cookie dough and the story behind my decision to whip this up! The name “everything but the kitchen sink’ cookie kept replaying and replaying in my head as I recall one of the seasons in Buddy Valastro’s TV serial “ The Next Great Baker”. How fascinating can that be. Stacy Adimando, author of The Cookiepedia encourages daring bakers to raid their pantries for crazy combos that combine the sweet and salty component all in one darn cookie. YES, check out the raw batter below. Clearly the ratio of batter to ingredients is OFF! 

Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies are all cliches cookies for now. Please, lets us all be crazy, let our kitchenaids lose and bring it on for salty chips inspired cookies. Suggested ratio for sweet and salty is 1: 1.5. “These cookies work on the principle that salt and sugar have a natural affinity towards one another”. I concur! Ever since I had a taste of salted caramel cheesecake, sweet and salty to me is like a match made in heaven. You won’t believe it until you taste it. That’s why it’s always important to taste before you judge though (sensory glands) do play a part in the initial stages.

It is quite rare to find unhealthy savory snacks (Potato chips, dips, biscuits, bars) in my house because most of the time there is no one home to consume them and even if there is, we do not consume the entire packet of chips at one sitting. But when you are talking about sweet snacks such as chocolates, dried fruits, cereals, Ho Ho Ho, there is abundance.
The existence of this cookie comprised of ingredient planning on my notebook and a trip round the entire house to handpick the stuff to be included into the batter. I have decided to call this the A-Z cookie because it comprises 26 different ingredients in alphabetical order.

I had way too much fun although the preparation was more than the usual (Imagine having to prepare 26 ingredients and laying them out nicely (Misc En Place) instead of the usual say 5-8 ingredients. I had no qualms about adding the ingredients, it’s whether the batter could hold enough “dry ingredients” and not result in an overly dry cookie. To skip straight into the exciting portion, I present thee the 26 chosen ones:

Almond Meal, Baking soda, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate, Egg Whites, Flour, Ground cocoa powder, Hazelnut, Irish Coffee, Juice of 1 lemon, Kellog’s cereal, Leaveners, Macadamia Nuts, Nutty walnut, 

Oregon potato Chips, Pecans, Quaker Oats, Raisins,Salt,Toblerone,Unsalted butter,Vanilla Extract,White and Brown Sugar,Xpresso Beans (I cheated on one! But it was the only ingredient I could think of besides xantham gum! ) ,Yolk ,Zest of 1 Lemon

TADA and this is the outcome ;)) Pretty Good I must say 🙂 


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