Kit Kat Cake – Sleeping Beauty


The Story of the Ultimate Kit Kat Cake 🙂


Whoever got me hooked
onto Pin Interest is a freak! Ok, I’m a freak- a food freak. For those slow
pokeys who have not been hit by the wonders of pin interest, it’s simply a
board that makes you empowered yet incompetent, inspired yet overwhelmed and
just plain hungryyy all at the same time. I thought food blogs were bad ass
enough, but this is worse. It gets you perpetually hooked onto that screen of
yours and before you know it 3 hours has past and it’s oh ” hello,
Mondayy” again.

I used to scoff at the
idea of trying something new immediately. The Roger Bell Curve or simply what
is known as the technology adoption curve puts me in a well defined spot of
Early Majority. Not Innovators, definitely not laggards but right smack in the
middle of early adopters and late majority. That gives me an added advantage of
free riding on the bandwagon of well established boards. Of course, there’s
that little room for differentiation and that’s exactly how I’ve been spending
my free summer days.

Gawk Gawk Gawk. They
say an impulsive shopper takes a few seconds to decide if she really needs
something, 1 seconddddd is all I need to decide if the dish staring at me is
going to be part of my mile long list of “to attempt board”.

to keep the story short, I’m dedicating this post to my AC bestie. Hehe the kit kat kake! When she first pinned that cake
to me, I was incredibly excited over the colors that made up the top layer of
the cake- M&MS!

M&Ms are my go to
snack in uni days to keep me awake from the never ending 3 hour seminars and
lectures. There are always packets of that brown packaging tugged in corners of
my bag awaiting the moment when I take them out for the ultimate moment of
bliss.  On top of that, a group of us used to go to the snack shop during
breaks to grab a piece of kit kat from the chilled fridge of the business
canteen. So simple and happy were we. Hahah!

Presenting a cake of
reminisce and baked with love: Chocolate Fudge Cake with a fence of Kit Kat and a bed of rosy strawberries. To top it all, there’s always a personalized fondant figurine for the birthday girl ;))



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