Barney and Friends Cake

When my colleague asked me to do his daughter’s 1st birthday cake, I was a little apprehensive. First of all, he wanted a big cake and that sent me to into a wave of terror. I remember vividly I had nightmares over one of the 7kg cakes I baked and after that my oven gave way and had to be sent for repair. Afterwhich, I never really liked to do big cakes (at least for now, considering the constraints of the kitchen and equipment).


Good thing we managed to compromise on a 30 by 30cm square cake with edible second tier (Barney’s house 🙂 )

Baked with Love: Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Ganache

Theme: Barney and friends (2 dino) with a farm setting theme

Barney’s pretty home!! I can’t help putting those 2 butterflies there even though Barney’s a guy. Whoops ;P

The 2 little duckies swimming in a pond


and my favorite chicky of them all!



The cow and the pig behind the pond. When I first sculpted the cow, it was all white and everyone thought it looked like a pig! Thank goodness for black gel paint that everything almost seem to come together to resemble a cow. MOOOOFooo away!


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