Homemade Vanilla Extract

A doctor’s workplace is always fully equipped with top notch equipment and medicine

An engineer is always fully equipped with tools for the trade

A teacher’s desk is fully equipped with red pens as well as rulers to smack that naughty child

A Shopperholic’s wallet is always fully equipped with her spouse’s credit card

and the list goes on… How true the above are, I’m not sure. I was just humoring myself after a day’s work. 

Anyway, a chef’s/ baker’s kitchen is always equipped with the freshest, top quality ingredients. It has got to be that way!! I always dream of having an island style kitchen, a walk in fridge with many shelves, a garden to grow my own herbs and crops so I could just snip off that bit of freshness whenever I’m cooking. [ PS: Promise me a big kitchen, be an excellent cook and I’ll marry you ]

Anyway, coming back to reality, I’ll show you how to start off somewhere with Homemade vanilla extract that smells Oh so heavenly. All you need is vanilla beans ( Bourbon, Madagascar,Tahitian or mexican) and absolute vodka. The waiting period is long (6 months to develop that full flavor) but success is guaranteed sweet. It’s APRIL, which means 1 more month to go!! 

Vanilla Sugar is another option for that nice vanilla sweet smelling SUGAR! I’m addicted to the scent of vanilla. Absolutely love the smell that lingers on my fingers when I split those vanilla beans. In case you’re wondering what this sugar is used for, it substitutes the normal caster sugar for baking and is always used in all my baked goods.


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