Chocolate Orange Macaron

After a Macaron Mia season, it’s time to welcome a new flavour to the family 🙂

Baked with Love: Orange Macaron with an orange zesty surprise filling.

Made with pure chocolate, orange zest and a dash of good Ol’ Cointreau

Of course to accompany Ms Orange are her favourite pals: Chocolate Baileys Macarons, Peanut Buttercream Macaron and Rose White Choc Macarons



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  1. Maia Dobson
    May 29, 2012 / 6:33 am

    Those sweet macarons look so sumptuous and presentable. Any kid would love to eat those. Just be sure to brush your teeth after eating these sweets so you won't get cavities. My Fishers IN dentist always remind me that too when I was a kid, and I still value that that's why my teeth are healthy.

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