Chocolate Glazed Cake

A rich rich rich Chocolate cake where you can look into it and admire your own reflection.

C’est pour l’anniversaire de mon pere  =]

Baked specially for the world’s greatest Daddy!

Are you someone who eats with your eyes. You must be wondering what in the world am I thinking…. Of course I eat with my eyes if not I wouldn’t know what I’m eating! Ok ok my point is.. Every beautiful creation of sweet treats you see at the store’s front window is strategically placed to entice people to visit their shop. Achieving this, they would have gain a step closer to achieving their goal- Clinching a sale. Such are the powers of marketing.

I would like to share with you a very interesting topic about supermarket layouts. I frequent supermarkets at least 3-4 times every week. While people like to work out at the gym or go window shopping, I actually prefer grocery window shopping. I get my baking/cooking inspirations by walking up and down, up and down the aisles. It is both therapeutic to the soul and stress relieving.

Have you ever wondered why fresh produce are the first thing you see when you enter a supermarket? Thank the people who have researched deeply into consumer behaviour or maybe otherwise. Because they are the ones who actually get you to spend more than what you actually need. Fresh produces, fruits are vibrant in color, attractive. They liven your mood and prepare your eyes for a feast of what more the supermarket has to offer. Happy people are more likely to buy more stuff.

Ever wondered why all your daily essentials and staples such as eggs, milk bread, butter, jam are placed right to the back of the store? Reason being- they want consumers to slowly browse the aisles and be tempted to grab any candy, snacks of stuff before reaching their final destination



Sweets, candies and chocolates are placed near the area where you wait patiently in line for checkout. Are you one of the guilty ones who sneak a box of sweets in your basket when you see the 2 for $1 deal. Congratulations. You have just made the sales team very happy due to your impulsive behaviour.

With all that said, keep in mind all these when you do your usual grocery shopping haha but don’t let that get in the way of you buying stuff if it makes you happy. A happy person makes and bakes awesome tasting food.

Ok forgive me , I have just veered off topic. So as I said, people usually eat with their eyes. They are drawn to a good looking dessert before deciding to buy them. I recall seeing a lot of shiny glazed cakes at a cake shop and was instantly enticed to get one- which obviously I did. How could anything look so good and taste so good. After that encounter, I decided to research on the topic of glazes and finally found my answer- Chocolate Glacage. It’s a shiny mirror like coating that you pour onto your completed cake to get that impressive “Eat me now look”. It has to be prepared 1 day in advance.


65g cream
100g sugar
80g glucose syrup
60g water ( Divided into half to dissolve gelatin)
7g gelatin
33g cocoa powder


1) Mix gelatin and 27g of water, set aside

2) Sift your cocoa powder

3) Heat sugar, cream and remaining 33g of water until it reaches a boil

4) Remove from heat and add in the glucose syrup

5) Add in cocoa powder and then gelatin and mix well

6) Strain and chill overnight to rest the mixture

7) The next day, melt mixture over a bain marie until liquid.

8) Rest mixture until it reaches 28-31 deg cel.

9) At this point in time, ensure that the cake you are going to pour this glace over is properly frozen! ( You wouldnt want to pour the glaze over a soft frosted cake if not the glaze would melt the cake)

10) Pour the glaze over the cake ( Be sure to put a tray below the cake to collect the excess glaze that drips off)

11) Glaze can be reused several times. Freeze the remainder and repeat steps 7-9.

* Though the process of preparing is rather tedious, the final product is rewarding. If you want to wow your friends. GO FOR IT! HAPPY Glazing 😉


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  1. Manju Sood
    May 22, 2016 / 12:54 pm

    33 gms. Seriously !!!!

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