Monday, 10 October 2016

Step by Step Tutorial on how to make a Halloween Brain Cake

Halloween is just round the corner. Have you thought of your trick or treat surprise dessert? If not I have one idea that might scare the daylights out of some of you. The Bloody Brain.

Why would anyone wanna do an edible brain? Beats me. One day while scouring the internet for ideas, I thought it will be fun to do a brain drenched in blood that could be eaten. And so because I had left over red velvet cake from an order, it was a “kill 2 birds with one stone” action.

This is a fairly simple fondant customized cake. If designing your own cakes scares you, I assure you this brain cake takes less “brain cells” in designing than it actually looks. Below is a pictorial guide that I hope will help you make your very own brain cake. It doesn’t have to be for Halloween, it can be for other occasions where you just wanna surprise someone with something bloody disgusting yet bloody yummy. Ok enough of that… this is getting way out of hand..

1) You will need a cake in the shape of a brain. I first baked a red velvet cake in a half spherical dome. You can use any of your favourite cake recipe but “red cakes” fit in more to the theme.

2) Because my dome cake was not brain shape, I used a knife to carve it to look more oval.

3) Spread your favourite buttercream frosting on the entire cake. You can use jam or whatever spread. The idea is to get the fondant to stick to the cake.

4) When you are done frosting, refrigerate cake for 30mins – 1 hr to set the frosting.


5) Prepare the fondant. I use homemade Marshmallow fondant for most of my cakes but you can get them in premade packages at any baking stores. To get this shade, I mixed in Wilton’s Ivory edible gel to white fondant to get that skin tone.

6) Take a pinch of fondant and roll them into long lines of 5mm thickness.

7) Remove cake from the fridge and twist and turn your fondant lines randomly around the cake. It doesn’t have to be neat so just go crazy and fill your brain up.

8) Repeat Steps 6-7 until the entire brain is filled. There should be a distinct line in the middle which separates the left brain from the right brain.

9) Using a brush, spread the red blood (Recipe below) over the brain. If the color is too light, add more red coloring or honey to get the shine.

10) Dip some tissues or knife into the blood and place them beside the plate. There you are ready to serve the brain to your guests.

11) The best part of this entire cake is then to cut it up. Enjoy!

12) Go crazy with the photos :) 

How to get the Red Blood

- Wilton's red food coloring 
- Honey
- Water 
- Strawberry Jam (optional) 

Mix everything together. If you want a darker red, add in some dark blue. Honey/ Jam is to achieve some sort of shine in the cake. With that I wish you success should you attempt to make your own brain cake. 

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