Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pink Ombre No Bake Cheesecake

I love colors- vibrant or pastel. They just make you feel alive. Can you imagine a world without colors and blinded by darkness. It's not a world I would like to wake up to. 

My love for ombre goes beyond just admiring cakes online, it has invaded the world where cookies and cupcakes use to form my daily routine. Throwback to the blogpost where I wrote about how to create a petal rose no bake cheesecake with just a simple piping of buttercream blobs and spreading them out using the back of a spoon. You can read more about the steps but right now I think it's time to share how I got that ombre pink cheesecake that is almost too pretty to be eaten. 

The basic No bake cheesecake recipe is the same. It's just the addition of edible food gel to create that ombre effect. 

1) To make the crust, you'll need digestive biscuits and a little butter
2) Melt Butter with digestive biscuits over a pan and mix. Press into 6" Tin 
3) Refrigerate while you prepare the other ingredients. Here I decided to slice strawberries to place around the sides of the cake ( Optional)
4) For the filling, you'll need Philadelphia cheese + Castor Sugar

5) Cube cheese, sugar, vanilla paste together in a bowl
6) Add gelatin and beat till well combined
7) Place whipping cream in another bowl
8) Whip till soft peaks

9) Fold whipping cream into cream cheese mixture gently
10) Separate your cream cheese into 3 portions (1 white, 1 lighter pink, 1 darker pink) 
11) Place the white portion of cream cheese into your tin
12) To get the desired color intensity, add red oloring drop by drop into the remaining 2 bowls of cream cheese. You can see from the bowl that I did not entirely mix the pink throughout as I like a little white streaks in the cake. 

13) Place the lighter pink cream cheese on top of the white cream cheese 
14) Place the darker pink cream cheese on top of the lighter pink cream cheese
15) Refrigerate for at least 4 hours to set and viola! 

Enjoy :)) 

Non Baked Cheesecake Recipe( Makes one 6" Round tin):

Ingredients for crust base

50g digestive biscuits, crushed
20g melted butter


1) Crush digestive biscuits till fine
2) Melt butter in a saucepan
3) Add biscuits and mix till well coated
4) Press into lined tin and refrigerate while preparing your cheesecake filling

Ingredients for Cheesecake filling

250g Philadelphia cream cheese
70g castor sugar
1 tbsp vanilla paste
14g gelatin dissolved in 50ml hot water
200ml whipping cream
Red food gel 


1) Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Set aside to cool
2) Beat Cream cheese with sugar until well combined
3) Add vanilla paste
4) Whip cream till soft peaks
5) Add cooled gelatin ( Should not be hot to touch) to cream cheese mixture and mix until combined
6) Fold in whipped cream.
7) Separate cream cheese into 3 bowls equally. 
8) Leave 1 bowl entirely white, for the 2nd bowl, add one drop of red gel and mix. To the other bowl, add a few drops of red gel to get a deeper color and mix. 
9) Place the white cream cheese into the prepared pan. 
10) Add the lighter pink cream cheese followed by the darker pink creamcheese
11) Set in fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.

ENJOY and Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @sherbakes should you attempt to try out the recipes.

A more visual video is posted below. Enjoy!! 

As mentioned earlier in the Blogpost, the tutorial on how to create the rose petal cake is here

Ombre cakes are not only subjected to pink :) They can be in rainbow colors too! Check out my no bake rainbow cake tutorial and recipe here as well :) 

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  1. Hi,

    Are you using a non-removable tin to make the non-baked cheesecake?
    If yes, how did you unmould it!


    1. Hi Lynette,

      Yes im using a tin that has a removable base. So I can just push the base up to unmould the cheesecake :)

    2. Thank you for the clarification!


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