20 Best Mothers' Day Dessert Recipes and Ideas

Mothers' Day is just round the corner. Need inspiration on what to do for your beloved mother? Here are some of my Top 20 favourite desserts to bake for Mothers' Day (Just click the link below each picture). It doesn't have to be over the top perfect. Some of these recipes are as simple as a cupcake or cookie but Hey Mummy will definitely appreciate the thought and effort you put in :) 

To all the Mums that love flowers, rose swirls, petal cakes, sunflowers are the way to go:

4) Lemon poppyseed cake with Lemon Curd and Raspberry coulis filling and frosted with white chocolate frosting

To all the Mums that love cheesecake, this is for you: 

Are you a baker and fancy a challenge? Bake Mum some of these fancy cakes then:

Maybe cake ain't really her thing. Does she fancy tarts, cookies or petit tea cakes perhaps?

Cupcakes- They never grow old. You can dress them up anyway you like and they will still look pretty like Mummy: 

Whoohooo... now start bookmarking your favourites and whip out your kitchen aid and start baking something this Mothers' Day Weekend!

Hope you have success baking and Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @sherbakes should you attempt to try out any of the recipes. XOXOXO 

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