Ham and Cheese Chiffon Cake

One week+ ago I baked this. Period. Hashtag #latergram.

The title says it all. This was going to be a savoury chiffon cake made with the following ingredients: Ham, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and Italian herbs.

What’s breakfast without ham and cheese right? If I had to sacrifice 2 meals, that would be lunch and dinner. Here goes the saying that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, or you should never skip breakfast as it’s the first meal that gives you energy to start off a busy day. Clich├ęs or facts aside, I will rarely be seen skipping them. Firstly, my body alarm is adjusted to 7-7.30am daily (I practically do just fine without an alarm clock or the need for me to snooze something). The time from 7 to lunch time is a pretty long time for someone like me to get hungry. Secondly , I love eggs, cereal, bread, pancakes, waffles, pastries, peanutbutter, confiture, nutella!!, yogurt, fresh fruits and basically anything diary.
That basically sums up what breakfast comprise of. 

Anyway to cut the story short, it’s time to introduce the breakfast chiffon made of ham and cheddar cheese. The thought of it just sounds yummy (initially)!

The chiffon texture was good and the combination of cheese + ham works but hmmm eating it together as part of a sweet chiffon is quite questionable. I've never received so many negative feedback for my cakes before *CRIES*. But nevertheless hahaa I understand where they are coming from and personally I didn’t quite enjoy it as well. It sort of reminds me of pancakes and bacon- a very popular way of combining sweet and salty haha but it’s either you like it or loathe it… It all depends on the individual.

So that sums up the chiffon craze? ( Maybe so) 

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